Its another one of those Michael Bay Blockbusters blown out of proportion. There is so much action filled into this one than all the summer action flicks combined and multiplied thrice. And no, I am not exaggerating. With a price tag of 150 million $ , the Transformers sure didn’t come cheap, and well it shows, clearly with each and every scene.Michael Bay is well, known for that.His last few works haven’t made a big impression on me though. The very forgettable Island, the Titanic-isque ‘Pearl Harbor'( but I loved Pearl Harbor), and well Ben Affleck in the orange suit, what was that Movie with the Aerosmith soundtrack?

Anyway, coming back to Transformers, the Hasbro franchise and the zillion year old mythology of Cars and vehicles transforming into Metal Monsters made popular by an equally old Cartoon Series. Sounds like every 6 to 16 year old boy’s fantasy. I personally haven’t been a fan to the whole Transformers franchise and well, frankly speaking haven’t seen any of the cartoons. But well, the movie just doesn’t need any prerequisites.



The voice of Optimus Prime(Peter Cullen) welcomes us to the universe where machines rule SUPREME.If you want me to tell you the plot, mail me. This ain’t the place.LOL. Anyway, there are good machines who want to prevent the human race from being hurt , and there are the bad ones who well want to beat the crap out of the good ones. And there is well the EVIL one , who is deep in sleep(made to sleep by Liquid Nitrogen), and there is the Underdog who has the good ones to his side. You fit in the pieces. Quite predictable.

But yes, as I mentioned before. When you walk in to watch a Michael Bay film, you go in to enjoy . Just forget the performances, forget there are even humans existing in the movie. Just sit back, and buckle up your seat belts as you are set in for a roller coaster ride.

The SFX are very finely woven with live action feed and makes it impossible for the human eye( at least the two I know) to distinguish between real and the UNreal. The effects to be simply put are jaw-dropping and the sequences give a new meaning to the word Action Powerhouse. It’s the transformation of robots that will blow your mind .

Add that to the eye-popping robot smackdowns and good old fashioned car chases, and you have a movie that is going to get your blood pumping and your heartbeat racing. I came away convinced I’d had the most sheer, loud fun of any blockbuster in a summer that has delivered too little of that quantity.Well, what can I say, I really wonder if my movie ticket could get me so much for so less.Phew. 4 STARS and a Thumbs up to Michael Bay.


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