The Unofficial iPhone Review!


After months of walking down the Tech-Red Carpet, and standing in long lines to reach out for the Gadget of the Year, it is finally HERE.

Well, no one now really cares, or do they? It has been months since the official verdict has been out. And for all the morons who still don’t have a clue, this one’s about nothing else than -the iPhone. I had to write this for solely one reason and that is coz I drool over Steve Jobs. I watch or try to manage to get a glimpse at least of all his keynotes,his addresses and his products. True, that well with a salary which I cannot boast of much, I cannot get my own iPhone right now. But well, that is not going to stop me from reviewing it. A pal of mine ordered his iPhone from the US , cracked it using anySim (the GUI based Open-Source iPhone Cracker) and was absolutely elated to be able to use it on his Vodafone SIM. It took him two sleepless nights , first to crack it to make it into an iPod touch, and the second to a workable phone which could make calls. Bravo Ashwin!!

Coming back to the review.Let us all start with the Basic thing. It is true,what Steve said. The iPhone is the best iPod ever. With a 3.5″ touchscreen and a high contrast display, it is best portable display one could get as of now. The touchscreen is as smooth as the ones shown on the tour videos. And the best feature of all is the Cover-Flow. For those who still don’t have a clue about Cover-Flow, sink in ur own glasses and die(that is the English translation of Chullu Bhar Paani main Dub Maro).

The Cover Flow is the most LEGENDARY way to surf ur files, ur vids, and ur Music. Just turn the length into breadth as you play your music, and you surf through your album art. It is absolutely amazing.
The camera is pretty decent and is much better than existing mobile phone cameras. The audio receptions are much clearer than existing cellphones.The design is very robust, but well, when it comes to using it as a cellphone, I get a bit worried about its touchscreen. Anyway, the back has a matte finish which makes it scratch-resistant unlike the iPod Touch.

In absence of a Wi-Fi connectivity, I am yet to explore other capabilities of the iPhone, which include the Mail Client,Google Maps,Safari and Youtube.
The iPhone that I was using is even yet to add on any of the existing widgets that are circulating the hackers circle.

Further concerns include the now released Firmware 1.1.1. And it is quite possible that this Phone might get Bricked. But nonetheless, the entire experience of holding the Gadget of the Year in my own hands has been absolutely Geek-Gasmic. I loved the iPhone through and through and am eagerly waiting for the next generation of iPhone from Apple.I guess what the Nokia guys are upto these days.

To end with, I’ll share this hilarious pic of Mr.Gates caged within the iPhone, or so it seems.

Are the Softies now heading towards a WinPhone?? Is it also gonna crash like the Zune???


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