Have you met Ted?

Meet Mr.Ted Mosby. Ok! that isn’t inspiring at all. Barney-ism to the rescue. Haaa…aaaave you met Ted?

Played by Josh Radnor,Ted is the central character of HIMYM and is an architect by profession. His friends are Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin and the series revolves much around their day to day experiences and the many “adventures” they encounter, thanks to Uncle Barney. Like FRIENDS( you can’t stop comparing) , HIMYM also has a common spot called McLaren’s , a bar, similar to Central Perk. Ted is in an on and off relationship with Robin, and well that’s pretty much it. Or is it?

Enjoy watching HIMYM when it airs on STAR WORLD soon.


One response to “Have you met Ted?”

  1. JD says :

    For more on Ted and the rest of the HIMYM crew check out the Have You Met Ted blog at http://www.have-you-met-ted.com

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