Sep.5, 2007. San Fransisco.

Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the next generation of music/media players for 2007 Holiday season. The Next Generation of iPod .The all new jazzed up iPod Shuffle for 79$, the brand new designed iPod Nano(a.k.a Fatty, for obvious reasons) for 149$ and 199$ for the 4GB and 8GB model respectively,the more sized up iPod Classics, 80 GB and 160GB–well I really don’t care to get their prices right, the new addition to the iPod family–the iPod touch, 8GB and 16 GB Models for 299$ and 399$ respectively, and well the iPhone to end it all, for an all new eye popping, mind-boggling price of 399$. 


So which, one should it be? The moment I was reading this blog here as I kept on refreshing the page, and as the Apple event began to unfold the best news in Music for this year, the more and more I was getting determined that it was high time for me to get an iPod Nano. An 8gb Media Player, with a dense and bright 2.0″Screen, plays mp3s and AAC,mp4 Videos upto 640X480 resolution, the patent Apple Clickwheel, and stores Photos, Apple’s new Coverflow, it has all that I could ask for. But well, they do say also, man is insatiable. There began a conspiracy in my own room, the conspirators being my own roomies and others in my friends circle. The Conspiracy– Why not the iPod touch?  


The iPod touch –3.5″ screen, bright high resolution, entirely touchscreen,Wi-Fi, in short–iPhone minus the PHONE and well a couple of apps including Google Maps and Mail Client.The 8 GB Model, 299$ just a 100 bucks more than the 8 GB Nano. So, the debate is,..

Point A: Why stick for a Generation minus one model, when Gen Next is here? And that too for just a 100 bucks.

Point B: iPod touch would have a huge flaunt value, probably would even make me lucky in getting…ahem..no I m not using that word. Just a flaunt value. Touchscreen. whoa!!Yeah Mama.Probably, I could then use this phrase to a girl,” Come touch this! “ 

My Counterpoint A: 100$…Mr.Donald Trump..help Please!!!!!

My Counterpoint B: I travel by public transport- auto rickshaws, six seaters, buses.

My Counterpoint C: 100$ 

Conspiracy–the sequel: 

 This wasn’t actually meant to happen until this article on engadget came up. iPhone Hacks made official. CNN ,Gizmodo and even enGadget announced the reviews; iPhoneSIMfree.com set up online stores and international affiliates to sell their iPhone unlocking software, and well an open-source iPhone unlock Software EMERGED.

Point A: iPhone is the IN-THING. Touchscreen, Apple’s revolutionary User Interface, as Steve Jobs puts it-the best iPod ever, Pinch Zoom for Photos, YouTube, Google Maps, Safari, and it makes calls too.

Point B: Coverflow, Videos in Landscape, 3.5 inch Screen, and lots of envy for the neighbor.

My Counterpoint A: Additional 100$ to the iPod Touch. Double the price of iPod Nano , something I originally set out to buy. 

My Counterpoint B: I have a beautiful,stylish and snazzy MotoRazr V3i, which has an MP3 player which can play 50 songs, 256 MB Card, 1.3 MP Digital Camera. I don’t need to add anything. You know the Razr is a good phone. And I bought it last November( Diwali to be precise). And I really feel iffy to buy another phone within a year. Plus there are the minuses of Touchscreen for me, as I travel by public transport, that too in Pune, India. Hmmm.

So, after all brainstorming, and very deep,intense thoughts inside my head ( sounds like King Julian from Madagascar), I have finally decided to go for….wait for it……….NOTHING……..for now that is. My neighbour here at work is planning to go for a iPhone and has already ordered one. His iPhone is on the way. So well, pretty much, he is going to be my guinea pig.Only after I get the visual proof that it REALLY works, may be I will think of going 4 it. Until then, what I can think is ” Sab Moh Maaya Hai…Om Shaanti Shaanti Om….”




One response to “iApple”

  1. Shahad says :

    Nice Take.Too many options and dollars are less. Thats the new BOND song.lol. Very nice personal take

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