Numero Uno: 2 b Called SIR

Recollecting my Engg days, I can still feel the nervousness, the chill that ran in my spine as I entered the campus of my Engg.College, NIT Silchar. And my first day after admission in my hostel, well it all started with a brief hi and a hello to my classmates who had also come pursuing a dream of nothing more than making money,lol. No one comes to Engg these days hoping to make revolutionary machine designs, or writing innovations about renewable energy sources. Its all about moolah, and how much you can make it. But well, coming back to the story, here I am talking to these new bunch of people whom I never knew a while ago, from different parts of my country, and then suddenly Scene 2. 

Scene 2 starts with a kick on the door. A person enters, with an approx height of 6 ft, and biceps that only indicate that he has spent more hours in the gymn than in attending lectures, hair so long that he looked like a character from Diamond Comics( Billoo for those who know it). And then, we all stand up( for the Real Slim Shady, lol). He enters and asks a fellow, what’s the color of my underwear? The guy replies, “sorry SIR”. That would be the first time I heard someone call a guy ,probably not more than 2 years elder to us, SIR. Was I taken by surprise? Hell No.Because all my surprise got diluted with the events that followed. 3 months . 3 months we spent in wishing everyone who entered our rooms. Even if it was our fellow mate, we cudnt afford 2 miss calling anyone SIR, well solely for the reason of getting a Krack-Jack in return if we failed to do so.And well, it did not stop after those 3 months.

 A year passed, and I was in my 3rd Semester. And as they say, History repeats itself. And well, I found myself, on the other side . It was me kicking on the door. Well, I didn’t have the bulging biceps to flaunt and the long hair to scare the new “bakras”, but yeah, I did receive my fair share of being called “SIR” for the next 3 years. So even if I get my knighthood one day (not even in the wildest of dreams, lol..similar to Phoebe Buffay accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for being a wonderful masseuse)I’ll remember what it really meant to be called a SIR in those days, and well, the thousand respectful, intricate, hidden messages embedded in the word.Hahaa….and well that One Knight still stands……. 

And that my friend , is what I call the Intro of this Blog. I shall post more and more until WordPress burns out eh!And well, this is gonna be carrying everything and anything, bloggable, non-bloggable, abusive, responsive, get ur own nouns….!!!!!!!


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